Weilbytes’ Proxmox Discord Dark Theme for Stylus plugin.

This is not my code. For anyone using the Stylus plugin for Firefox, the below can be cut and paste for a Discord Dark theme for Proxmox PVE.  All credit goes to Weilbyte over on Github https://github.com/Weilbyte/PVEDiscordDark it’s just that his recent changes have somehow removed the ability to do it this way. And I

How to get your Petnet.io feeders somewhat working again.

UPDATE: While the method below works, it is no longer the best method to update your PetNet feeders… You use the same WiFi board but wiring it directly to the motor is the much better way now that PetNet has gone out of business… Gen 1 Video is here: https://youtu.be/8SJ7n_RMAB8 Gen 2 Video is here:

BSOD Fix for Ryzen 5 and ASUS ROG STRIX B450-f Gaming PC

In this video I outline the process for preventing, or fixing, BSOD (IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL) errors on an ASUS B450-f Gaming motherboard using a RYZEN 5 3600 cpu and Patriot/PNY/Corsair RAM that is not on the qualified vendor list. These Blue Screen of Death errors in Windows 10 make it look as if

Hacking the Swiffer Continuous Clean Air Filter

If you have one of these Swiffer Air Cleaners and would like to have the option to use your own filter or one of theirs for a longer than 30 days… this video will show you have to fix it.

Plex April Fools Joke

In this video I show how to schedule a file to be copied to a specific folder on a chosen date and time using Automator on OSX. I use this method to copy a Prank Game of Thrones episode to my NAS so that Plex will find it on April 1st. Full credit for the

WTware on an HP T620 Thin Client

In this video I go through the features of an HP T620 Thin Client and the process of installing the WTware Thin Client OS. The Thin Client was provided by www.pcliquidations.com  and the the licenses were provided by WTware.com. If you want to win a free license subscribe to my YouTube Channel and leave a